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Coming from a restaurant family with more than 32 years in the guild, the founder, inspired by the magic and concept of artisanal fondas for their simplicity and explosion of homemade flavors full of memories of the heritage cuisine of his hometown: Irapuato, Guanajuato .

Arriving in the city of Cancun in 2016, he bet on the need for the vast majority of the "foreign" population to consume a food that will transport them to their cities of origin, with the aim of surpassing the service experience learned in house, taking the concept of the artisanal quesadilla restaurant to a national level. 


Therefore, on November 27, 2017, the first unit of La Marqueta del 7 opened its doors, located on Av. Huayacán, this being the most developed commercial area in the city of Cancún. Obtaining a great acceptance by the local people quickly, achieving that its greatest publicity has been by word of mouth, reaching its fame for the service experience that even managed to be located by its headquarters and named colloquially as: "The quesadillas of the Huayacán” giving rise to a new stage of identity: its renewal of commercial image. 


This stage, which lasted five months starting on March 14, 2019, was a process of self-analysis and focus, since it was possible to simplify the reading and understanding of the previous trademark sign, obtaining a new image capable of communicating its main objectives as a brand: Freshness , Union and Simplicity. 


This image renovation, achieved in a significant way, being recognized by its name, shapes, colors and not by its location. 


After a year, thanks to the acceptance of its public, as well as the excellent post-COVID recovery and growth, on October 12, 2020, the second branch located in another highly commercial area of the city of Cancun opened its doors. this being the maximum test of the brand's ability to franchise, since it managed to be an excellent measuring instrument in terms of the acceptance, perception and preference of its guests, managing to provide the same gastronomic experience in both flavor and quality._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


With the intention of fulfilling its vision as a company, a month later, in November 2020, it was decided to invest in the development and commercialization of the franchise model, based on the scope, as well as projections of the brand, through the systematization of its processes, procedures, standardization of recipes, training and implementation of its institutional manuals. Starting its commercialization in July 2021. 

icono_Mesa de trabajo 1.png



We are an artisanal quesadilla restaurant that offers different stews and a variety of corn of the highest quality, with a mixture of both ingredients and flavors from all over the country, taking the quesadilla to its rightful place in Mexican cuisine.  


To be the most recognized artisanal quesadilla restaurant for its quality and homemade flavor, in the Mexican Southeast, operating with ten business units by 2027. 


Freshness: We are committed to the quality of our products, as well as to the experience of visiting a fresh place without losing the experience of remembering the flavors of the grandmother. 


Union: we were born from a family legacy and we are faithful believers that united we are stronger. 


Simplicity: we dream big, but without losing our essence in terms of experience and treatment of our clients. 


Commitment: we know and work hard to fulfill our agreements or goals, to remain consistent with our philosophy as a brand. 


Resilience: our strength lies in the passion with which we do things, despite adversity we are a dynamic brand that constantly seeks to be at the forefront.


Respect: we believe that everyone deserves to be treated equally, regardless of social, economic or cultural status. 


Reciprocity: our actions define us, therefore, we are grateful for the trust that our clients, collaborators and suppliers offer us.


Empathy: we are aware of our environment, that is why we seek to be actively involved in the needs of our society and community. 


Hygiene: our most important value and pillar, reflects both our image and the quality of our service. 


Teamwork: our priority is our human capital, since we are aware that it is the formula for success, in terms of daily operations.

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